1933 Wordie – ANTARCTIC ICEBERGS – South Sandwich Islands – ELEPHANT ISLAND – 5

Title: Antarctic Icebergs.

Author: KEMP, Stanley; WORDIE, J. M.
Publisher: London: Royal Geographical Society, 1933.
Item is in ORIGINAL Condition, With Blue Wrappers – As Issued, Complete with All the Ads!!!

Notes & Condition: Examination of Antarctic iceberg variation, particularly the properties of the morainic and bottle-green types and those icebergs outstanding because of their enormous size. Kemp and Wordie attempt to establish the origin of the largest icebergs, note their locations and compare them with earlier recordings from the logs of the Erebus, ChallengerNimrod and Terra Nova. Close observation of the black and green icebergs around the South Sandwich Islands and Elephant Island engenders a rudimentary system of classification. Today, the system is more sophisticated, icebergs classified according to size (Growler, Bergy Bit etc), form (tabular and non tabular) and shape (Dry Dock, Blocky, Pinnacle etc) and monitoring is a world wide concern, undertaken primarily by the U.S. National Ice Center (NIC) which names and tracks all Antarctic icebergs.

7 pages, including in-text sketch map. Plus black and white photographic plates. Original condition with blue wrappers, titles to front, and containing all the ads. This is a complete issue, seldom found in such good and original condition.

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