Title: The British Trans-Greenland Expedition, 1934.

Author: LINDSAY, Martin.
Publisher: London: Royal Geographical Society, 1935.    Precedes Book.
Item is in ORIGINAL Condition, With Blue Wrappers – As Published – in Two Issues, Complete with All the Ads!!!

Notes & Condition: This is a fascinating expedition report published the same year as his all-important book, titled; Sledge: The British Trans-Greenland Expedition. First reveal of this dramatic account, profusely illustrated, including a large fold out colour map, a distance log and a panoramic photographic plate. Replete with interesting details on the preparation of the expedition and its daily routine, it remains a lively account written in a direct style, of one of the longest self-supporting dog-sledge expeditions. In 1934 Martin Lindsay, gold medallist of the French Geographical Society, and his gallant party of three men made a record Arctic journey of 1,200 miles, traversing without injury, the Greenland ice-cap, and eventually after many trials and tribulations, reaching the coast at the end of 103 days of sledging, with two and a half days of food left in hand.

37 pages (published in two complete issues), including sketch maps. Plus numerous photographic plates, one of which is a large fold-out panoramic view measuring 10 x 26 inches (25.5 x 66cm); and a large fold-out colour map measuring approximately 16 x 13 inches (40.5 x 33cm). Two complete monthly issues of the Geographical Journal, containing the above described narrative, as published in two parts. Original condition with blue wrappers, titles to front, and containing all the ads. Seldom found in such good and original condition.

Substantial Primary Reveal – RECORD-BREAKING Greenland Sledge Crossing – With Large Colour Map and Spectacular Photographic Plates, Including a Panorama

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