Roosevelt FamilySelf Portrait Miniature PaintingCameo PendantMade 1900-1908Artist and SitterMaud Sutton PickhardIllegitimate Daughter of Politician Robert B Roosevelt, Sr.First Cousin of President ‘Teddy’ RooseveltAlso Related to President Franklin RooseveltAnd First Lady Eleonore Roosevelt Original miniature self-portrait painting by Roosevelt family member … Continue reading

1960s Document Archive – PETER WEISS – LITERATURE THEATRE FILM – NYC Broadway

Literature – Theatre – FilmWorks of Peter Ulrich Weiss1960sDocument ArchiveFrom New York City’sMiss Joan DavesRenowned Female Literary AgentWho RepresentedSix Nobel LaureatesIncluding Martin Luther King, Jr.New York City, Frankfurt, Stockholm, etc., 1961-1966. Substantial archive of documents concerning the publication and production … Continue reading

1942 Gonin no shoya – JAPAN WWII Propaganda – VILLAGE IN DROUGHT – Kamishibai

Kamishibai Propaganda PlayJapanese WWII Nationalist EducationFive Innovative Heroic HeadmenSave a Village from DroughtGo Nin No ShoyaStory Illustration CardsIn Original Portfolio1941 “Gonin no shoya” [Five Estate Owners in the Village] Japan: Nihon Kyoiku Kamishibai Kyokai, Showa 16 [1941]. Creator: Hiroshi Hirabayashi. Kamishibai … Continue reading

1861 DIARIES – MAP – Far East RUSSIA AMUR RIVER – Pioneer Navigation – Convicts

Russian Far EastPioneering Navigation and CommerceEarly Steam ShipsOn the Amur and Shilka Rivers1861-1880Two Primary Source Manuscript DiariesOf an English EngineerContracted by the Amoor Shipping CompanyIncludes a Rare 1858 Mapof the Amur RiverNikolayevsk-on-Amur, Chita, Sretensk, Blagoveshchensk, TransBaikal villages, 17 May 1861 … Continue reading