1900s Honzo Zufu – MEDICINAL PLANTS ILLUSTRATED – MUSHROOMS – Tsunemasa Iwasaki

Japanese MushroomsMedicinal PlantsFrom the Colossal Botanical Treatise“Honzo Zufu”By Iwasaki TsunemasaSpectacular Colour IllustrationsEarly 1900sIwasaki Tsunemasa (Kan-en)Title: Honzo Zufu [Illustrated Manual of Medicinal Plants / Iconographia Plantarum]Japan, early 1900s. A most pleasing and highly illustrative Japanese monograph on mushrooms, being a copy … Continue reading

1849 Rare Japanese Manuscript – CASTAWAY OTOKICHI – EARY BRITISH SHIP at Edo Bay

Rare Japanese ManuscriptEarly British Appearance at Edo JapanDuring Sakoku Isolation EraForeigners Forbidden EntryHMS Mariner Survey ExpeditionWith Castaway OtokichiPre-dating Commodore Perry by Four Years1849嘉永二年酉閏四月 暗ヶ利亜舩渡来記[Kaei Ni-nen Tori-uru Shi-gatsu: Angeria-sen Toraiki. “Record of the Arrival of a Ship from Anglia, Fourth Month … Continue reading

1848 Tojo Kindai – IZU – OGASAWARA ISLANDS – WOODCUT Map – Banned by Shogun

Nanpo Islands – OgasawaraAnijima, Chichijima, and HahajimaProposed for Agragarian SettlementWoodcut Hand Coloured MapBy Tojo Kindai1848Banned by ShogunateDuring Tempo ReformJapan’s First Overseas ColonyPossessions in the Pacific14 Years Before Annexation伊豆七島全圖 附無人島八十嶼圖相武房總海岸圖[The Complete Map of the Seven Islands of Izu with a Map … Continue reading

1902-06 Der Ferne Osten – CHINA – FAR EAST – PHOTGRAPH MAGAZINE – Very Rare Set

German Photo Illustrated Monthly MagazineDescribing the Far EastChina – Japan – Korea – IndochinaDer Ferne OstenBy Carl FinkVery Scarce Near-Complete Run1902-1906Carl FinkTitle: Der Ferne Osten. [The Far East].Shanghai: C. Fink, Deutsche Druckerei und Verlagsanstalt, 1902-1906. Exceedingly scarce consecutive and nearly-complete run … Continue reading