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At Voyager Press Rare Books we practice what we sell (pardon the pun). We travel the globe far and wide in search of rare travel books and adventure. Sometimes alone, sometimes with colleagues and often we are joined by some of our customers on these trips. We have visited many exotic places from the frigid north of Canada's Northwest Passage to the mystical desert city of Timbuktu and the long elusive Source of the Nile. It makes us appreciate the hardships the early explorers must have endured, giving us a better understanding of the books and manuscript material we sell. Click on any thumbnail below to view an enlarged image.

A trip through the Northwest Passage to view the wreck of Amundsen's ship... The Maud


The mystical desert city of Timbuktu and Dogon Country in West Africa


Angkor Wat and the jungles of Cambodia


Murchison Falls and the Sources of the Nile in Uganda


The Inca city Machu Picchu in Peru's Urubamba Valley




And a well deserved rest with colleagues and friends between book fairs...